Audit and Accounts Training Institute, Peshawar

The Office of the Audit and Accounts Training Institute Peshawar was established in 1980’s in a small classroom within the premises of Accountant General NWFP, Peshawar Office. The main objective to establish the Institute was to impart SAS (Subordinate Accounts Services) training to employees of the Accountant General and Treasury Offices at Peshawar. Late Khwaja Fida Muhammad, Deputy Accountant General, was entrusted with the task to manage all training activities.

Later on, with the increased scope of training activities, demand for a separate Audit and Accounts Training Institute at Peshawar was intensified. Therefore, a separate institute headed by a Deputy Director was made functional in a rented building near Khyber Mail Office Peshawar Cantt in 1982.

Main Objectives of AATI Peshawar

AATI Peshawar aims at improvement of governance in financial management by imparting trainings in new scenario of Audit and Accounts. In this sequence a series of courses like SAP FI, SAP HR, Basic IT, Information System Auditing, NAM, FAM, CAATS, ACL, Office Management, Project Program Audit, Public Procurement Audit, Certification Audit, Regularity Audit, are being conducted regularly.

The Audit and Accounts Training Institute is engaged to inculcate the importance and efficacy of training amongst the staff of Audit and Accounts offices.


AATI has been conducting short courses for Officers/Officials of Audit and Accounts /Federal and
Provincial employees.

• More than 2000 officers & officials of Audit and Accounts departments have been trained in various disciplines since the introduction of New Accounting Model.
• Besides, Computer Competency Practical Training (CCPT) is also being imparted by the AATI Peshawar to the AGP (PIPFA) candidates and about 200 candidates have so far been trained.
• A good number of special courses on various disciplines have been conducted on the requests of client departments.


Habib ur Rehman

Deputy Director
MBA (Finance)

Noor Ilahi

Faculty Member
Master’s in Islamic Studies

Muhammad Ilyas

Faculty Member
Master’s in English Literature

Gul Nabi

Faculty Member

AATI, Peshawar-Calendar 2015 - 2016

July 2015                                    Duration Dates
Public Procurement Rules 3 Days 06/07 to 08/07/2015
Preparation of Pension Claim 3 Days 13/07 to 15/07/2015
August 2015  
Basic I.T. &  Office Automation 1 Week 03/08 to 07/08/2015
Government Accounting 3 Days 10/08 to 12/08/2015
September 2015  
Internal Audit 3 Days 07/09 to 11/09/2015
Communication skills in Management 1 Week 21/09 to 25/09/2015
October 2015  
Capacity Building in Concurrent/Certification Audit 1 Week 05/10 to 09/10/2015
SAP (FI) 1 Week 19/10 to 23/10/2015
November 2015  
MTBF/Budget Monitoring 1 Week 02/11 to 06/11/2015
Good Governance and Office Management 1 Week 23/11 to 27/11/2015
December 2015  
Audit Command Language 1 Week 07/12 to 11/12/2015
SAP HR Report and Pension Module 1 Week 14/12 to 19/12/2015
January 2016  
General Financial Rules/TA Rules, Advance (HBA,MCA, GPF) 1 Week 04/01 to 08/01/2016
NAM for DDOs 1 Week 18/01 to 22/01/2016
February 2016  
Pre Audit checks and Internal Control 1 Week 08/02 to 12/02/2016
Information System Auditing 1 Week 22/02 to 26/02/2016
March 2016  
Fundament Rules/SR & Civil Service Rules 1 Week 07/03 to 11/03/2016
Maintenance of Service Book/Service Record 3 Days 14/03 to 16/03/2016
April 2016  
Audit of Public Procurement 1 Week 04/04 to 08/04/2016
Basic I.T. &  Office Automation 1 Week 18/04 to 22/04/2016
May 2016  
Project Program Auditing/Project Appraisal 1 Week 02/05 to 06/05/2016
Role of DDO 1 Week 16/05 to 20/05/2016
June 2016  
Public Works Audit 1 Week 08/06 to 12/06/2016
New Accounting Model (NAM) 1 Week 22/06 to 26/06/2016

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